Safety gloves and mitts

We manufacture safety gloves and mitts which are made from excellent quality of raw material , thus durable ,giving long and excellent service ,thus economical.

Kevlar Gloves

Safety gloves made from Kevlar fabric to provide superior abrasion resistance, cut resistance, and heat resistance with support for temperatures to 300°C. Protective gloves made with DuPont Kevlar brand fiber delivers the power of performance to workers exposed to a variety of cut, abrasion and high heat hazards. Gloves made with Kevlar performance technology meets the specific performance and protection requirements of a diverse group of industries. This enables workers to perform to their fullest potential safely and comfortably in some of the most demanding environments.

  • I) Full Kevlar: These gloves are completely made of Kevlar fabric. It has a woolen lining & are stitched with Kevlar threads.
  • Ii) Leather Kevlar: The palm of the glove is made up of Kevlar and the rest with leather. It has a woolen lining.


Aluminised Kevlar Gloves

These are gloves used where the radiant temperature is as high as upto 750°C

I) Aluminised Glass fiber gloves: Outer layer made up of 'GENTEX' brand Aluminised glass fibre fabric (Imported from USA) which reflects 90% heat and the second layer is made up of good quality woolen fabric.

II) Aluminised Kevlar gloves: The palm of this gloves has Kevlar fabric while the rest of it is made up of GENTEX' brand Aluminised glass fibre fabric (Imported from USA) which reflects 90% heat and the second layer is made up of good quality woolen fabric.

Aluminised Gloves

These are gloves made up of multiple layers of fabric. Generally, outer fabric is aramid blended fabric and the other layers are moisture barrier & thermal liners. These are used by firefighters during Fire Fighting.

TEST REPORTS: CE Certified, EN 659.

Extreme Temperature Gloves

Multiple layers glove. Made out of Specialty High Temperature resistance fabrics to deal with temperatures exceeding 800-1000°C.


  • I) Outer layer : Outer layer of vermiculite coated texturised fiber glass fabric.
  • II) Middle Layer : Multiple layers of blended with non-woven carbon fabric insulations.
  • III) Inner lining : Inner lining of Kevnox brand Inherently Flame Retardant fabric capable of withstanding more than 13% moisture as per (Ref : Handbook 11:1974).

Foundries & Casting Operations, Welding & Hot Works Operations, Glass & Ceramic Plants Production, Power Generation, Petrochemical & Refining, Laboratory & Testing Facilities. It is used in the industries like steel, electrical, oil & gas, construction, glass, fire fighting and all other applications where handling sharp objects and high temperature is involved.

  • Petrochemicals,
  • Steel,
  • Foundries,
  • Glass,
  • Ceramics,
  • Other Plants where there are possibilities of hazards.

We manufacture and supply INGRESS™ Fire Entry Suits in compliance to meet stringent ISO 9001 standards.