Fire and welding blankets

We are Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of fire and welding blankets.

These blankets are made from asbestos-free material & are substitutes to asbestos blankets. They are very good at fire resistance & insulation.

I) Fiberglass Blankets:

These blankets are made out of asbestos-free fiberglass fabric. They come in different thickness depending on the nature of work.

  • a) 0.4mm Approx. - Mostly used as Fire blankets
  • b) 0.8mm Approx. - Mostly used for Welding purposes
  • (Can withstand temperature up to 1000 ° C )

II) Aluminised Blankets:

These blankets are made out of Aluminised glass fiberglass fabrics used to work against high radiant temperatures. It is made of Imported Dual mirror 'GENTEX® Brand Aluminised Glass fibre fabric which is approved by Centre For Environment and Explosive Safety (CFEES) – Ministry of Defense – Govt. of India – New Delhi formerly known as DIFR, with eyelets on four corners. Temperature withstanding radiant upto 1500 ° C.

III) High Insulation Welding Blankets:

These blankets are made out of specially blended non-woven fabrics which is a very effective solution to heat blocking and acts as a fantastic fire barrier material & has very high temperature resistance during welding, and has High resistance to chemicals & solvents.

Can withstand temperatures up to 1500° C & in excess at times.

Fire Blankets are generally used by welders for covering the area used while welding and in case of emergencies for extinguishing fire. Also used in households to extinguish small kitchen fires.

  • Welding
  • Household
  • Petrochemicals
  • Steel
  • Foundries,
  • Glass,
  • Ceramics,
  • Other Plants where there are possibilities of hazards.
We manufacture and supply INGRESS™ Fire Entry Suits in compliance to meet stringent ISO 9001 standards.